The following is a brief synopsis about Melissa Pettignano's book entitled: Suzanne Lantana: A Collection of Short Stories, Fiction and Non-Fiction.  

               ABOUT THE BOOK 

This book is both fiction and non fiction. This book, titled Suzanne Lantana, is about a young, full of life girl who has gone through many things that a pre-teen would go through, and which continue into her early teenager years. The biggest situation is losing her aunt, Arlene T. Babakitis, on  September 11, 2001. This book is a collection of short stories that have much meaning and various teachings for young girls. Suzanne is a fun-loving girl with a lot of heart, mind and soul wanting nothing, but good to be instilled in the world . This is without neither pain nor hurt. Suzanne has her own  view points and  her own unique mindset. These are two qualities that make Suzanne very special. 

There are other characters who play large roles within this book. They are Suzanne’s mother, father, brother, grandmother and her two best friends named Sophie and Rachel, who come in later on in this book. Each story goes in order from her fifth grade year all the way to eighth  grade where she graduates.  Each story carries a different learning situation and a different outlook on life, both positive and negative, but in the end, positive wins. 

Here’s a little bit about Suzanne Lantana. She is a girl who sticks up for herself and wants others to learn to do the same. From having jealousy bestowed onto her, to fights, to rekindling friendships, to losing loved ones, to parties, trips and so on, it is all part of the growing process  which Suzanne goes through.  She is a tough girl, and with her faith, family, and friends she truly triumphs. Within this book each story shows the bright light that Suzanne carries within herself. With each thing that happens she learns, to take it in slowly and enjoy every moment of it. Suzanne is young and still learns many new things, which is the beauty of life. Suzanne remembers if any mistake happens to just relax, take a deep breath and start all over. No body is perfect, learning is key.  

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