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( Part Two in the Suzanne Lantana Series: A Collection of Short Stories, Fiction and Non- Fiction ) 



This book titled: Suzanne Lantana: High School Days, is the second book of the Suzanne Lantana series. A collection of short stories that are both fiction and non-fiction combined together. Up to this point, Suzanne Lantana has been busy facing many situations in elementary school and middle school. To recap from the first book, Suzanne dealt with jealousy from others, fights, rekindling friendships, parties, trips, as well as the loss of her aunt Arlene T. Babakitis on September 11th 2001.

Throughout each short story in this book you will see Suzanne's strength shine through and the faith she carries within. Not only for herself and others, but number one it being her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Where nothing and no one will ever take that away from her. How her love is unconditional, how she helps those dear to her, and how Suzanne shows she will not ever tolerate nonsense that is unacceptable.

Suzanne is a young woman who sticks up for herself no matter what, helps each character within this book in many ways that will catch the attention of many who can relate and or understand to what Suzanne is going through. It starts off with Suzanne attending her Freshman year of High School and works its way to her graduation day, but with a twist. 

Suzanne enjoys many wonderful memorable moments of family love and togetherness, attending church, having her strong faith in Christ and much more tied in. Suzanne tackles helping friends, falling in love, abusive relationships, breakups, birthday parties, attending prom, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Throughout each story Suzanne is a bright light where the torch will not ever burn out. She is a young woman who captures so much more than what one may see. Every day Suzanne is learning and growing.
Taking in so much of the beauty around her and loving life to the fullest. 

Knowing the strength in oneself and seeing what one truly deserves.

No matter what comes Suzanne's way, she knows we all face our trials and tribulations, but no matter what, through the Lord she and all those who cling to him will forever rise above.

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